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April 21, 2014
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Intermountain Race Management Roundtable

This 4th annual IRMR was by all accounts a resounding success, and perhaps the best attended and lively yet, with race directors and race staff from 4 states representing nearly 80 races. Sponsored by the St George Marathon and St George Races, the roundtable was held in conjunction with the St George Half Marathon and 5k on January 18, 2013. This Conference had featured speaker Kent Perkins, Race Director for the St George Marathon covering topics that included Race Trends and Special Needs Participants. Among other presenters and topics included Jenny Scothern, Ogden Marathon Director, discussed Sponsor Engagement and Community Support and Janea Richardson of and Chelsea McKell of, who touched on Social Media Marketing.

As usual, this was an ideal networking opportunity for like-minded men and women from race events both large and small to compare experiences and exchange ideas.

As we begin preparations for the 5th annual Intermountain Race Management Roundtable we take into account what our attendees had to say about 2013…

“I thought it was great overall! It was good to know what is important to runners. I thought the comments from the other race directors were very useful and valuable and would have loved to hear more from them - especially the smaller races who are successful. I would loved to have gone into more detail on some of the topics such as Facebook and advertising, how to create a safety plan and how to get sponsors.” Ellen - Top of Zion Relay

“A part of me wants to say this was the best of my three...and then I reflect and look back at my notes on the other two and just feel that all of them have to hold "as good as it gets" labels.” Lowell – Pocatello, ID

“I thought the training was wonderful- very well-organized with lots of helpful information and networking opportunities.” Ashley – Southwest Health Department

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Intermountain Race Management Roundtable 2013

IRMR Presentation - Combined

Disability Competition Presentation

GOAL Foundation Sponsorship Presentation

What: The 5th Annual Intermountain Race Management Roundtable held in conjunction with the ST George Half Marathon.

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Kami Ellsworth
Race Operations Manager